At Christina's Child Care Center, we have carefully created an environment to enhance, stimulate and engage our infant children. Bright colors, vivid pictures, soft cuddly toys and playthings are always available to spark their imagination and promote exploration. In the course of each day, we focus on building our infants word, voice, and sound recognition by reading stories and rhymes, singing them songs, and letting them listen to music.

Under the watchful eyes of our patient and loving caregivers, our infants are guided through a daily series of fun activities specially designed to develop activities will assist your baby to roll over, sit up, crawl, climb, and eventually walk. And at all Christina's Child Care Center, we stock a huge supply of hugs, laughs and loving words of praise and encouragement to help nurture your infants growth and development.

To ensure a smooth transition from home to school and back home again, the caregivers at Christina's Child Care Center will communicate with you on an individual basis. You provide us with your babys daily routine, and we will use that as a guide for your babys day with us.

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5510 West Broadway Crystal, MN 55428